Hi there!  

I’m Ginny, a mom to four kiddos – two of which are homeschooled – I’m crazy I know!  And wife to a really handsome CRNA school survivor (aka fancy nurse, aka nurse anesthetist). 

At a time when life was really really hard (during CRNA school), the opportunity came along to become an artist with MaskCara Beauty.  I jumped at the chance to share the makeup I’d been using for years and creating my business just took off from there!  It gave me the opportunity to connect with women around me when I needed support and something fun just for me.  At the same time I got to improve these lovely ladies’ lives through simple beautiful makeup.  A little makeup can give us just the boost we need to have a little more confidence to get out there and get after our dreams.

I don’t think makeup is what makes someone beautiful.  It’s a great tool to enhance our features, but beauty is so much deeper.  Sharing the heart of a person and – their story, their true beauty makes me so happy!  Sometimes we can’t see our own true beauty and I hope by sharing the stories of others that you’ll takeaway something that encourages and uplifts.

Theres so much we can learn from each other if we just pay attention.  As you read about these featured ladies celebrate them with me.  I want to shine light on those around me so as you see them shining you’ll look at yourself and realize you shine too.

Shine bright my beauties!


About Me

Socially awkward mom of 4 (how did that happen?!), wife and business owner. I find myself hilarious, and might ask you your Myers Briggs results in the first 30 minutes of meeting you.


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