Combining different braid styles is a fun way to get out of the rut of traditional braid looks.  Amy has thick beautiful balayage hair, prefect for showing dimension in braids.  She was kind enough to let me play with her hair to demonstrate this style.

First I started with a half up half down pull through.

Pull throughs can be very tight. But this look isn’t a tight and polished look. So you want to loosed the sides without changing the position of the elastic in the hair. This makes the top portion appear much fuller.

Next you’ll grab some sections from below that half up part and create a braid with the pull through being the center section of the braid.  Loosen that braid by pulling gently on the sides of each loop.

Gather some sections that are left down behind the ears then twist them relatively tightly and fastened with an elastic.  Loosen the twists carefully as to not untwist them just as you did with the first pull through. 

The pony tails from the twist you’ll split in half and collect more hair from each side below the twist and fish tail that.  Do a short braid and fasten, then pull the sides of the braids out for fullness. 

Any last hair left behind the fish tail split into two pieces and use the fishtail as the middle section for a traditional braid.  At the end I looped a piece of hair around the elastic to give the look a more whimsical look.  

Amy is wearing Maskcara highlight Amber, Maskcara contour color Stone, Maskcara lip and cheek in Desert Sunset, Maskcara Illuminator in Honey , and a wash of Bright Eyes eyeshadow .