Around 3 year ago I stumbled upon a pin on Pinterest of Cara Brooks.  She has this viral post on her blog on how to get the best fake tan. As a fellow pastie girl I was drawn to her biog. It was late one night that my husband was working a night shift and I was having trouble going to sleep without him. I watched video after video on her youtube channel and I started following her instructions on how to highlight and contour with drug store makeup. What really stood out to me, and I remember telling my husband about her, was how confident she was without makeup on.  She could be completely bare faced for all the world to see and was completely confident that she was beautiful and that she just enjoyed enhancing her look with makeup.  I was using a direct sales company makeup at the time and was doing my best to get the look I wanted with her techniques. I really like the direction my look was going.  AND THEN she came out with her line of makeup! I was so excited and I wanted it so badly. But just like every other frugal mom on a budget I didn’t want to buy something new and feel disappointed if I didn’t like it or stress over returning it if it wasn’t the right color.  Any mom’s out there that can relate to that?  It stresses me out to return things… ugh.  But I kept going back and looking at the site and watching her talk about the makeup and why she created it. It all made sense to me. I needed to bite the bullet and try it. So I saved my birthday money and was all ready to purchase, but the colors I needed were out of stock! I had to wait another couple months for them to get my colors back but the great news was I got in on a great deal that got me the brush too! My first colors were: White Peach, Walnut, Pink Grapefruit, and Pearl.

When it came I was really excited and really nervous! It sat on my bathroom counter for a week before I tried it!  When I finally got the nerve put to try it out I was amazed at how well if covered by dark circles, how well it blended, and how easy it was to follow the directions in no time at all!  There was no going back.  I’ve been using Maskcara exclusively since!


It was no surprise to me when people started complementing my skin

I have porcelain skin, but my complexion isn’t perfect. It was no surprise to me when people started complementing my skin.  I knew it was my makeup that looked so natural and flawless – like I’m not even wearing anything, but I didn’t always have the chance to tell people that.  In the back of my head I was secretly hoping that Cara would decide to grow her business through women like me instead of taking it to makeup stores.  Come January 2017 she did! She created the artist program and even though I follow her on social media, somehow I missed the announcements! It wasn’t until March 2017 that Amy Twitty did a Insta-story talking about how she was now a Maskcara Artist that I found out about it.  My heart started racing! Like that kind of excitement you get when you’re nervous and thrilled all at the same time.  I went straight to Maskcara’s social media sites and sure enough there were tons of posts that I had missed.  I wanted to jump in right then and there! But I thought I should pump the breaks a bit and wait to talk to my husband.

We talked it over and he was supportive of my doing something for me and investing in my own business as long as I had a plan and could reassure him I wouldn’t quit before I earned back my investment.  With him on board I made the decision to sign up under Amy.  I didn’t know her personally.  When she had done a fundraiser for her second adoption I had started following her on Instagram.  She mentioned that she was saving for a third adoption and I loved the fact that my being under her would help make that dream a reality! She has been a great mentor in this business. She’s a constant support and cheerleader! You really can’t help but love her!

Since I was already experienced with the makeup the only thing I really had to learn was how to color match.  I quickly found out how easy that was to do and have enjoyed spending time with each and every client I meet.  It was the perfect fit for me.  Had I found out in January I might not have been ready to sign up.  March rolled around and I had room in my life for this little adventure.  What it has done for me is far beyond monetary value.  I love leading my team, meeting women and hearing their stories, getting mom-breaks, and having a creative outlet.  On so many levels this business is more rewarding to me than I could have imagined.  If you knew me a few years ago it might surprise you that I’m doing something like this, but I’m loving it!