There are just a few things (in comparison to years past) that I have on my wishlist this year. Thought I would share them with you incase you’re still looking for a great gift for that someone special in your life.

With the Tres Leches skincare regime my skin has transformed so much. It feels so healthy now.  It had been dry – like so dry it was “thirsty” and sucking the moisture out of my makeup! It felt seriously felt angry. I tried some “hydrating” cleansers on the market and they were anything but moisturizing!!  I was already using Milk Moisturizer to combat the dryness and it was helping, but I had to use it twice a day so I was very eager to try the Milk Cleanser and Toner.  It is hands down the best system I have ever used!!! My skin feels soft, tight – but not crunchy, and youthful. Redness has reduced, wrinkles have diminished and my skin is just happy again! Not to mention a huge reduction in breakouts (even during my cycle!!!).

The only thing I add to my routine is a exfoliator. Currently I am using Cure.  But what I would love for Christmas is the June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque.  It isn’t abrasive which is way better for your skin. The enzymes lift dead skin off without irritating the healthy layer underneath.

[Shop enzyme mask]


I should mention that the Tres Leches system is on sale through December so if you haven’t tried it you should get it now and save $10.

For Mother’s Day a few years back I asked for a quality straightener. It’s worked great for me. My curling irons are on the cheaper side and have worked just fine for what I need them for.  What I could use in addition to them would be curling wand. I use one of my curling irons as a wand but the longer barrel would make curling my hair so much easier.

[Shop this curling wand]


This time of year I love the chill in the air, but I hate to feel cold! Anyone else love that bundled up cozy feeling? I can stand if my nose if froze but chilly feet and ankles drive me crazy! So slippers like these that cover your ankles are just what I need.


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And these are a few of the things that would make ridiculously amazing gifts for any girl on your shopping list! For my birthday this year I saved my pennies and got myself the clutch. It’s the most amazing wallet you’ve ever seen! It’s genuine Italian leader and feels just like Tieks. If you’ve been fortunate enough to own a pair (I love mine – hands down the best flats I own) you know the quality I’m talking about.  I can’t tell you enough how much time and stress it saves me to have my wallet merged with my makeup bag. I am never without what I need. And it’s ON SALE!!!

Last must share is the Holiday Capsule from Maskcara. It is a preloaded mini double decker compact that holds your highlighting and contouring foundation on top and your powders on bottom. And it comes with the 30 Second HAC Brush and the Eyeshadow Everything Brush! The compact is limited edition and super pretty! There are two highlight colors to take the guess work out of color matching.  You can contact me to help you pick the right one for your someone special.


I hope you’re holiday season is filled with love and wonderful memories with your loved ones.  If you have any questions drop me a note in the comments. Or if you’d like help color matching yourself or someone you’d like to purchase Maskcara for be sure to send me a message through the Contact  link.  I also have a Maskcara Wish List available if you’re the one wishing more Maskcara this Christmas.  Follow the link below to get to that form. Merry Christmas!

Maskcara Wish List