When I started homeschooling I was very interested in supplemental classes so that I wasn’t the only one my children would be taught by.  Science was one subject I felt would be beneficial to learn in a group setting. Thankfully the homeschooling community in my area is very large and there is no lack for direction if you ask around.  A friend of mine suggested InnovED. She told me how the classes were very hands on learning and that the she really liked the owner, Ellie.   Instantly I was so excited that there existed a place that I was hoping for right in my backyard, AND that the owner was a woman! I thought what a great example she would be to my daughter who loves math and science! Heather has been going to InnovED for two semesters now and I have gotten the opportunity to get to know Dr. Ellie.

She truly is an inspiration!  The staff at InnovEd are very and welcoming! Kids are challenged to grow with support and kindness from their peers and mentors. They love going and come home excited to go back for their next class. They are exposed to technology and innovation.  Scientific terms that are not watered down. They collaborate and learn together and from each other.  InnovEd is such a unique space that promotes children creating and exploring ideas all while learning from their mistakes.

introduction to technology and coding – things that have become a part of our every day world and they’re learning from a young age how they work, how to use them, and how to create and manipulate them.

Recently I had the opportunity to do Ellie’s makeup for a night out with her hubby.  I had the chance to ask her some questions to get a glimpse into her awesomeness.  She told me about how she finished her teaching creational within a month of having her son. She worked through her Master’s and Doctoral programs when her son was a teenager.

When I asked her what motivated her to keep going she said two things: the desire to leave a m

ark and the drive to better herself.  Ellie is passionate about education.  She specified not necessarily in schooling, but in conti


ing to learn in life.  She shared with me how she views life as a one way street, there’s no going backwards.  That perspective propelled her forward and helps her keep going forward today.  When she taught in the state school system she saw a need to challenge students in ways the current system was handicapping the learning process. She wanted to be a part of the change she wanted desperately to see in the education system.  Starting her own school had been “dangling out there” while she went through her doctoral program.