It’s going to be okay! You’ve got this Mama!

When I was homeschooling full-time I had so many families reach out to me about how to get started.  I’m no expert, but what experience I do have I hope helps ease some of the stress.  

If you follow me on Instagram you know I had a whole post ready and my site glitched and deleted it. So I’m attempting this again, but it will have to be in parts. I’ll start ya off with just three tips.  They are “simple”, but please don’t confuse that with EASY. I repeat mommin’ is hard any way you go about it so don’t be hard on yourself k?

As and Introvert I find it super challenging to be home with my kids all day without a break so I COMPLETELY understand the ease of switching that TV on and getting some quiet.  Or maybe you have big kids that can spend hours on end on a game system.  I’m not saying not to let them play a game or watch a show. What I’m suggesting is you use that veg time stategifcally.  

For example, if you know you need some early morning quiet (like me – no talkie until mommy has her coffee) then plan on having them veg while you get your bearings for the day.  Or maybe you’re trying to work from home and you know you have to make some calls in the afternoon. Save the veg time for when you really need it.  They’re less likely to bug you – I mean ask you – about all the random stuff if they know they just get one or two shows or that one movie for the day as opposed to 4.   

More to come on that in Part 2.  We use electronics for educational purposes too so I’d love to share with you some of the things we do for Art, Science, Math and Reading. 

Upside to being home vs. school = More Recess!  Yay!  Kids are full of energy and creative juices.  If you’re doing educational stuff and hit a wall make sure you take breaks to be active.  If you aren’t doing educational stuff and you’re doing more vegging than learning (no judgement here) don’t forget that their need to exhert energy might bite ya in the butt when you least expect… Like bedtime.  Aint nobody want kids having a burst of energy when they’re ready to wind down.  Am I right?

Weather permitting get outside. Avoid parks with play structures – those are petridishes on the regular – but even more so now. Take a walk.  Ride your bikes.  Kick a ball. Fly a kite. Or one of my personal favorites is to send them out back and say, “I’ll let you know when you can come in.” I sound terrible, but at least I don’t lock the door.  I find the less toys they have outside the more imaginative their play.  I’ll share more of our schedule later, but I usually do this right before lunchtime so they get some energy out and then  I call them in to eat. 

If you’re literally stuck inside you could even put on a great playlist (I like Can’t Stop The Feeling station on Pandora) and have a dance party! I hit an energy low just before dinner so even if the kids don’t join me I put on some jams and get my blood pumping again.  YouTube also has a ton of easy exercise videos you can follow along with. A quick 5-15 minutes can make all the difference.  

Raise your hand if you’ve ever planned a craft to do with your kids or super fun outting and it totally blew up in your face. This is percisely why I consider myself more of an Amazon Prime mom than a Pinterest Mom.  I have come to expect the unexpected.  The kid I thought would be totally interested throws a fit. The paint gets everywhere. The glitter spills. The baby  doesn’t stay asleep.  It’s parenthood. It’s a beast.  So this tip is all about riding that wave if the kids are playing nicely. If they are totally enaged in a lesson and want to learn more GO WITH IT.  But girlfriend, when you see the signs that things are going south ABANDON SHIP. Don’t guilt yourself into something that will completely zap your energy physically or emotionally.  

Say you’re doing a craft and it goes haywire, have that next thing in mind so you can hit pause and either circle back or just do something else.  There’s gonna be a lot of pressure to do all the Pinteresty things.  But keep in mind you don’t have to follow a rigid schedule.  Be flexible.  Plan your day as guide, but don’t feel like you failed if things don’t go as planned.  

When all else fails blow bubbles.  Not  even kidding. Kids love it and it helps Mama to breathe deep when stress is high.

Hope these tips help. Let me know if you have any suggestions or resources for your fellow mamas out there in the comments.  And don’t forget to subscribe so you can get Part 2 right to your inbox.  

You got this mama. It’s gonna be okay.