What makes a good artist?

Someone willing to learn.

Someone excited to share their love of Maskcara.

Someone ready for opportunities. 

Someone interested in a flexible work schedule.  



How do I get started?

Once you’ve decided that a Maskcara business is for you click on the button below and I’ll guide you in the process of becoming a fully trained Maskcara Independent Artist. 

When I started my Maskcara business 3 years ago I could imagine a group of women, diverse in backgrounds and interests, with different goals and aspirations, yet united in a common goal.  That goal being to work for themselves sharing a message of positivity.  Whatever the reason they chose this journey as a novice or makeup guru it wouldn’t matter.  I knew if I could so ANYONE could do it.  

If you’re ready to not give into self-defeat and get out there I’m ready to come alongside you and help you reach your goals.  No pressure. No twisting your arm to SELL. I’m here to support YOU. Whatever goals you set for yourself I’ll train you work for them.  You’re not alone. The beauty of this business is it’s YOURS but you’re also entering into an amazing sisterhood of women who love and support each other. I can’t wait for you to join our TrueBeauty Team!