3 Minute Makeup 

When I planned on making this video I thought it would take about 5 minutes, but it only took 3!

Such an easy look you can do to get out the door quickly.  I used Maskcara Beauty foundation, eyeshadows, brushes, and Maybelline mascara (Colosal Big Shot).

Highlight: Aura

Contour: Olive

Blush: Desert Sunset & Petal

Lip color: Desert Sunset


Have you heard or microblading? Of course you have! Or you probably know someone who has had it done, you just might not know what it’s called.  I’m too cheap for that business, but I heard of this temporary tattoo for your eyebrows so I thought I’d try it out!


Here’s tutorial I did using just 5 colors of Maskcara 111D Foundation to create a very natural looking no makeup look.

Hightlight: June & Aura

Contour: Ash

Bronzer: Bella

Lip&Cheek: Desert Sunset

Tools: Detail HAC Brush & Know Your Angles Brush