If you haven’t been to the Maskcara website to reorder in awhile then there’s two things you should know:

  1.  Ordering just got a whole lot easier and…

There are some really awesome features to the site that are new and I think are very noteworthy.

If it’s your first order you can start by click on Palette Builder.  Here you can select the compact you want to fill and just drag and drop the singles (the custom colors) right into the compact you want to build.  So if you’re visual like me this feature is stinking amazing!!!  Once you’ve been color matched, which you can do here: Get Color Matched you’ll know just what colors you need for your 111D Foundation and then you can select any extra blushes, powders, or eyeshadows to fill the rest of the compact.


There are tons of different deals and ways to save money!  I highly recommend starting with a Mini Double Decker.  To me, it is the best bang for your buck.  Some ladies prefer to just start with a quad, which holds just enough for your foundation.  But what happens next is they get their quad, fall in love with Maskcara, and want to consolidate their whole makeup bag into a bigger compact.  Believe me, I see it all the time wink


And now we have FREE SHIPPING!!!  Girl, I don’t know about you, but I hate paying for shipping.  Even it it’s as little as $1.99, I can’t stand it.  So it would follow that I love free shipping… which may be what has contributed to my Amazon Prime habit.  I justify that this is a healthy habit though.  Because really if I were shopping at Target for the same household items I’d be leaving with at least $50 of things that were not on my list and were likely picked up from the clearance aisles hahaha.  Maskcara made it so much easier to get your refills when you need them, without worrying about paying for shipping, or jumping through any hoops to earn it.  Thank you Maskcara!  Free Shipping for the win!