I had never met an executive coach. I had no idea what they did, but it sounded very intriguing! Alisa found me through a mutual friend who had posted about using Maskcara. We met up so she could try the makeup, and when she told me what she did for a living, I just had to know more! I love all things business and my personality leans towards being a “counselor”–if you’re familiar with Myers Brigg ya know what I mean ; ) So from what I learned from her is she essentially counsels business people (and non-business people in leadership).  I had to find out more. 

Alisa was around 30 when she took courses in executive coaching and became certified as an Executive Coach. At the time, she was getting her Master’s degree in Organizational Management and working for TasteFresno–a local online food magazine–writing blogs and filming videos about local chefs. She felt like she couldn’t jump into her field without first becoming a CEO of a large company, or spending a decade climbing the corporate ladder.  

Even though all of her coaching mentors, peers, and professors told her she could start her business right then and there, with flying colors, she told herself she couldn’t. 

Sad, right?! Familiar, right? She felt like she didn’t know enough and that no one would trust her because of her lack of experience. Like so many of us, she told herself she couldn’t afford to take the risk. She created stories that her potential clients wouldn’t think she was credible, or worth her fee. 

She allowed those stories and her own mind to convince her that she couldn’t do it, and for years her actions reflected those beliefs.

“I coached here and there on the side, sometimes charging, sometimes not, but it was mainly to keep up all my certification hours. I didn’t have any clear goals, which is ironic because my job is to help leaders set goals!” 

“We can’t make up other poeple’s stories in our heads.”

“What’s the difference between then and now? Am I an executive? No. Have I climbed the corporate ladder? Yes, in non-traditional ways. Did it help me? Well, sure, because all life experiences help,” she says, then explains that she still uses the same coaching principles  today that she learned from her courses in the very beginning.

“Nothing massive changed except the stories I tell myself. What did that get me? Seven years of wasted time. Seven years I could have been passionately serving others through coaching…”

She was stopping herself from helping people discover the keys they needed to pursue their dreams. “…Seven years of telling myself I can’t do what I know God has called and equipped me to do. How about this one – seven years I have not been listening to the truth about myself, from God, and instead listening and believing my own lies, and using them as an excuse not to follow His will that He has confirmed over and over for my life. The lies we tell ourselves are dangerous. We can’t make up other peoples’ stories in our heads; we don’t know them! When I coached my first CEO at age 34, he thought I was too old!  When I think about this in terms of listening to myself instead of God, I’m really sad. I can’t believe I did that! I refuse to go another seven years giving myself a million to-dos “before I’m ready” to do anything.”

Isn’t that powerful?! Her story inspires me. 

It’s all too easy for us to measure ourselves against a made-up standard. Creating that standard is far easier than breaking it down is, but I tell you, it’s worth it!!!

I was personally able to benefit from Alisa’s skills and talent in my own business.  We chatted through FaceTime for about an hour and she asked me REALLY good questions to help me clearly define my goals, my desires, my direction with my business, and clarify an action plan to get there.  It was AMAZING! I felt so empowered. It also really helped me let go of some of the things that were hindering me and weighing me down. Hallelujah! She’s talented, friends! I highly suggest that you invest in yourself and seek out the help you need to get where you want to go. 

As Alisa says, “Don’t do it alone. Start by learning how to be a good friend to others. Be kind, be generous with your time and your service to others, and learn to love unconditionally. If you strive to become a safe, healthy person yourself, you’ll 1) be a safe, healthy person for others and 2) learn to quickly recognize the people you need to keep at a distance to stay safe and healthy. From there, you’ll be able to do anything!  And finally: find your support people, seek out mentors, get to know others with similar passions and goals to work with, and always give back along the way.”


Yes and Amen! I love her mentality and I hope her story encourages you to go forward in your own dreams and aspirations! 

If you’re interested in being coached by Alisa you can reach her by email: hello@alisa.coach.com or follow her on IG: @alisa.coach or on her website: Alisa.coach